Jetion Solar

El i Clima Correct Ltd. is an official sales representative and distributor of Jetion Solar. We design and install photovoltaic systems using their professional and high-quality products.



This is the main focus of our company, which works closely with our partner Siemens. Our priority and obligation is to take care of the maintenance and repair of the street lighting in the territory of Sliven Municipality.


The company has highly qualified specialists with specific skills and many years of experience. Repair groups easily and quickly eliminate problems due to professional routine, technical knowledge of the facilities and knowledge of their location in individual areas.

Quality and speed in service

Ongoing activities between our units and emergency teams are coordinated through radio and mobile communication. The Municipality of Sliven has a stationary dispatch point, which coordinates the work of the emergency service. In case of technical problems, through it our employees create effective coordination between our emergency groups, the emergency groups of the external operating companies working on the engineering infrastructure of Sliven and the respective state and municipal bodies.